Dramatically Different Moisturizing BB-Gel – CLINIQUE

The newest in BB Gel is at Clinique in the form of a Gel and part of the Dramatically Different Clinique ID line of course. 

This DDM BB gel delivers Transforming Tint Release Technology that will deliver 8 hours of oil-free hydration and a sheer wash of color.

This BB gel is part of the ID line which means you can add any booster of your choice to get the desired results.

This girl loves the look of a tint of color was a sun baby years ago so this product was made for me!!


I choose the orange booster for Fatigue since it energies and revives skin’s glow with Taurine which is a perfect compliment to a sheer wash of color for my skin.

The product comes in a camouflage container represents the shades of the skin tones  that works best for this product.

At first use I was skeptical since it comes out in a grey shade with an orange tint not very appealing or promising for a possible “Tinted Moisturizer”. 

After a few minutes of application, I noticed a sheer hint of color which was enhanced by the booster for Fatigue showing a slight glow. Over time with daily use my skin showed visible reduction of signs of fatigue.  Amazingly I felt better, brighter , less tired sounds crazy maybe its in my head ( power of suggestion?) but I definitely saw a difference.


How to use:

  • Apply like a moisturizer
  • You have to pump a few times to activate booster.
  • Allow a few minutes to dry before you apply any foundation
  • Will enhance all makeup including foundation color.


Available in Clinique ID container of 1.7 oz for $28 added booster of choose for additional $11, total $39 like all Clinique IDs.


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